The Talisker Skye pop-up restaurants

This summer, Talisker Skye will partner with Swedish chefs Joel Åhlin and Filip Fastén from Agrikultur. Together we will create a unique culinary experience in the middle of nature in both Sweden and Denmark. But only for one day, so make sure to book your seat at the table in time for this once in a lifetime experience!



Both chefs believe in going beyond the boundaries of culinary tradition and experiencing food in its true elements, while honoring food, flavor, sustainability and the community. Filip and Joel take great pride in making use of seasonal harvest and daily produce, and mixing it with exquisite technique. Their main element in cooking is fire.

As part of the Scandinavian Detours experience, Filip and Joel have developed a special menu, which combines their cooking philosophy with the inspiring wilderness and ocean that surrounds the Talisker distillery. Their menu is inspired by closeness to nature, and the ever-changing seasonal ingredients.

Filip Fastén & Joel Åhlin

Filip was born in Ljusdal in the Hälsingland region of Sweden. In 2014, he was named chef of the year and has worked at restaurants in Stockholm such as Restaurant Frantzén, Grill and Le Rouge before teaming up with business partner Joel Åhlin to open their own restaurant - Agrikultur.

With an interest in food since his childhood; Joel has worked in professional kitchens since his high-school years. With a background as Head Chef at restaurant Tjoget in Stockholm, he teamed up with co-founder and partner Filip Fastén in 2015 to open Agrikultur.

Prepare your own meal outdoors

Long hikes and exhilarating adventures outdoors can truly make a stomach grumble so always bare in mind to have energy with you along the way. An easy meal to prepare is actually broth; it will keep you warm and energized. Boil it on raw material of your liking whether it is meat or vegetables and keep in a thermos.

Preparing a meal outdoors can itself be an adventure, and fire is our best friend for a dinner in the wilderness – and to keep us warm.

First thing’s first; gather firewood. A good tip is to find logs that you can carve to thin sticks and use to start the fire with a bit of newspaper. Start off with smaller logs and make sure to create some space between them, this will make it easier to get the fire going. Place the paper in the middle so that the fire will spread outwards, and make sure to blow on it from under so that it catches. Once it catches on, you can continue with some larger logs. Don’t forget to bring matches and keep them dry on your hike. And always make sure choose your spot wisely and according to local legislation.