We wanted to ensure that this guide will take you to the unique spots and absolute ‘must sees’ in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, so we teamed up with some of the foremost adventurers in Scandinavia, who each have identified their favourite spots.

Emma Svensson

Emma Svensson is a part-time adventurer and professional photographer. Having spent most of her time working with fashion and lifestyle photography, Emma has declared this year to be one filled with adventures exploring nature.

Sofia Ekenlund

Sofia grew up in a small village called Ammer in northern Sweden. She has always lived close to Scandinavian nature and spends the majority of her day’s outdoors. Sofia’s greatest passion in life is photography, hunting and fishing which means that she naturally ends up in the Swedish nature.

Mikael Lindnord

Mikael Lindnord is a former multisport athlete, nowadays a motivational speaker and true adventurer. Mikael recently released a book about his amazing journey through South America as captain for the Swedish adventure racing team.

Tonje Blomseth

Tonje is an energetic person that spends all of her time outdoors. She grew up in Karasjok in northern Norway. Tonje is a full-time adventurer and has been on expeditions to the Canadian and Alaska wilderness, but nevertheless she claims that Norwegian nature beats everything. Mostly because you can find the sweetest spots just around the corner, no matter if you’re in the south or north of Norway.  

Morten Nordstrom

Morten lives in Copenhagen with his wife and three children. He spends most of his time in the city, so whenever he gets the chance, he loves to explore the wilderness. In 2016, Morten quit his day job in order to pursue the dream of being a full time photographer and Instagrammer.

Jakob Gjerluff Ager

Jakob is an adventurer and lifestyle photographer specialized in cold, wet and windblown locations. He travels all over the world to capture unforgettable moments and breath-taking places.